Building Your Custom Home

Before you dive into building a custom home, know that every building project has a budget. It may be a modest one or it may be an extravagant one. Either way, a budget means setting priorities. At some point, you’ll need to make choices. This means getting something you want at the cost of not getting something else you want. At every step, it’s recommended that you have a sense of what those priorities are. You should also know how you’ll make these decisions. Perhaps it’s consulting with your family. Perhaps it’s choosing whichever option you’ll use the most, that lasts the longest, and/or that provides the best return in terms of cost savings. You need to know how you’ll weigh advice and come up with a conclusion. The most important part of building a custom home is making decisions in a way that keeps the process moving forward – and that doesn’t stress you out.

Here are some resources we’ve found to help with the home building process:

Building Custom House
Home Building Timeline keep Sane
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